Domzis tickets system
Fast and Safe online ticket purchase system

Our advanced system enables fast and secure ticket purchase with just a few clicks. We provide security and efficiency when purchasing tickets online, allowing customers to focus on enjoying the events. With our reliable system, customers can quickly book tickets online, knowing that his transactions are secure.

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    Group tickets

    Increase ticket sales for your event by enabling group bookings through our platform. We provide you with easy group booking management and flexible options for organizers.


    Season tickets

    Bring convenience and value to your customers through our season tickets. As a service provider, you have the ability to easily offer different subscription options to the your users.


    VIP tickets

    Provide exclusive benefits to your VIP users. Our platform provides you with the tools to easily create VIP tickets, thereby increasing the level of satisfaction of your most valued users.


    QR Code Card

    How does this work?
    Show the QR card at the entrance

    After registering your event in the app, users can view the offer and purchase tickets via their mobile devices. Each purchased ticket is generated as a QR code within the application, which is automatically stored in the user's account. Customers can simply access their tickets in the app and show the QR code on the day of the event to gain access. This process provides not only convenience for customers, but also allows you as an organizer to easily manage tickets and track event attendance.

    The possibility of forwarding the ticket

    Our platform makes it possible not only to buy tickets for events, but also to easily share these tickets with friends, family or colleagues. Tickets purchased through our app or website can easily be forwarded to other people by clicking on the appropriate option. This ability to share tickets makes it easy to organize group visits to events and makes it easier to plan to visit an event with other people.

    Event advertising

    You have the ability to promote your event through various options to maximize visibility and attract the largest number of visitors. By combining these options, you can create a comprehensive marketing plan that will help you achieve the desired reach and attract the relevant audience to your event.


    Our specialized platform that is intended for the promotion of various events. By placing your event on this platform, you gain access to a targeted audience interested in activities and events in your area. This option allows you to reach people who are actively searching for information about events similar to yours.


    Social networks sharing

    You can use different social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to target advertise your event to a wider audience. By using targeted advertising tools on these platforms, you can precisely target the audience most likely to be interested in your event, using user demographics, interests or past activities.

    We offer implementation assistance

    We offer comprehensive support and installation assistance for our platform to ease your setup and usage process.

    Our team of experts is at your disposal for all installation steps, from initial configuration to full system startup. Whether you are a new user or an experienced administrator, we will provide you with all the necessary resources and information to successfully implement our platform in your business. Our goal is to provide you with a quick, easy and secure installation, easing your way towards achieving your goals and improving your productivity. Contact us today to start the installation process and take full advantage of our platform.