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Can I make a reservation?

It is possible to make table reservations via Domzis app. You have the option to choose the restaurant, time and the number of people. Have in mind that restaurant have to confirm your reservation – you place is booked once they have confirmed.
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How do I place an order?

Scan the QR code or NFC tag while in a restaurant and you will be automatically checked in at your table. You will have a complete menu available and you can just choose the desired items. Once you click on the “Order" button, the waiter will get the information about your order. If you wish to order delivery, browse the list of available places in your Domzis app and choose accordingly. Every place has its own delivery prices and estimated delivery time.
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How much does delivery cost?

Delivery cost depends on the selected restaurant (merchant). The price is usually optimized by distance (the closer it is, the cheaper it is) and the total price of your order. The price of the delivery depends exclusively on the restaurant, Domzis has no influence on the prices.
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Why should I use DOMZIS?

Domzis gives you the opportunity to enjoy your free time without wasting it on unnecessary tasks. It gives you the comfort while enjoying your meals at the restaurant or at home.
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