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Book service

To start the process of booking some of the services, you need to click on the reservation button on the home page of the application.

A list of available locales for booking will open.

1 – Button to return to the main screen.

2 – Space to search location by name.

3 – Information about localtion.

a – Name of place.

b – Like place.

c – Location on map.

d – Status (OPEN/CLOSE) and working time.

e – Rating

f – Type od place and address.

When you click on the picture of the place, a window will open in which you can make a reservation.

1 – Date and time for when you want to reserve.

2 – Add to calendar. If you want to set reminder you need to check this button. Rewminder will add entry to calendar in your phone.

3 – Number of places you want to reserve.

4 – Button to submit your reservation. Once you finish with reservation you will be back to main screen and information about reservation will be appear on bottom of screen.

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