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Login to aplication

You can log in to the application in two ways As a user (google account or apple account) or as a guest. The difference between logging in as a user or as a guest is that the guest can only view the content of the application without any possibility of using the application itself while the logged in user is allowed all the options.
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Check-in at the restaurant

When you sit down at a table in a restaurant, you can sign up by scanning the QR code via the application which can be found at holder on the table, which contains instructions for using the application. Click on banner at top of application to open QR-code scanner at your phone and point at QR-code on holder. You will be automatically checked in restaurant at table where are you sitting. In the application header, instead of images for scanning the QR code, there will be information about the restaurant and the table under which you are logged in.
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Order in restaurant

When you are registered in the restaurant and the table you are sitting at, you can see the offer of the restaurant by clicking on the "Catalog" button. Clicking on the name of one of the categories in the offer will open a list of products for that category.
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Book service

To start the process of booking some of the services, you need to click on the reservation button on the home page of the application. A list of available locales for booking will open.
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